HD is a space for collective inquiry and exploration, transcending our psychological structures in real-time with absolutely no methods

Holistic Dialogue Overview

'A space for collective inquiry and exploration, transcending our psychological structures in real-time with absolutely no expertise'


Beyond the definition above lies nothing but speculation and interpretation of what one sees in the here and now; all that is open for a fundamentally fresh look in a Holistic Dialogue (HD). Because whatever is present with me/us could be nothing more than the past reproducing itself, hence, limited and not the whole.

What makes HD very challenging yet effective is the way it goes about how an individual and, consequently, a group of individuals functions. Namely, through the perception of what is taking place as a whole instead of pure analysis of collected information and data. The reason being, that once one implements knowledge in their own understanding, it becomes a limited structure through which one perceives, regardless of its background, relevance or even flexibility. This undermines an, often overlooked, innate ability to observe, which underlies our conjectures, opinions, conclusions, etc. 

HD is to meet each other where we actually are, understanding together, what might be standing in the way, which often is, if not always, our individual separative thinking. Inevitably, listening ends up being a necessity rather than a mere requirement. Then and there, each participant discovers for themselves the quality of holistic action.

Here is an audio introduction to our HD podcast for a different take addressing the same question: 

So to dialogue is to face yourself instantly, understanding each moment anew.

It is vital for friendship, that immeasurable quality, to be present from the beginning. Because then, the act of judgment and measurement (what stifles the living in relationship and oneself) ends up exposed and eventually gone through and beyond. Normally in judgement, comparison, measurement, etc., creative space is so scarce if ever present. And for dialogue, creativity is necessary because it is essential for healthy living. Otherwise we exaggerate and end up losing our sensitivity.

This is why we are here, to understand what it actually means to be sensitive, alive, vibrant.


One of the things that makes HD different is the deep understanding of thought and thinking. Traditionally we overlook the fact that we live our lives through the dominant thought process, so we do not question and inquire into it. Our conditioning is all there, expressed in thought. So the lack of this foundational understanding hinders and breaks down the dialogue, communication and the flow of living. Thus, the facilitator's job is to help people understand what's happening and what might need to be looked at more closely. Having said that, the facilitator's role is not fixed, as an HD is not run by concrete roles.  

Generic procedure: 


If you are still here, then you are already partaking. The question is then, how can I take this further? 

Our reply, not answer, to this is 'Let us meet' through one of our HD Groups