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Ayham Kader


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3 years as a Holistic Dialogue Facilitator

2 years as a Holistic Meditation Facilitator

4 years as a Creative Process Auditor

4 years as a Music/ Podcast Producer

11 years as a Business Consultant, Auditor & Risk Manager

8 years as a DJ

10 years as a Mambo Dancer

7 years as a Spoken Word Performer

Background Story

Ayham did not manage to study in a field of his passion due to various limitations that were present at the time. Instead, he studied finance, justified by the following articulated argument: If I can't do what I love then I am going to do something easy that brings good money.

Starting a career that lasted for a straight 11 year period, his salary doubled every 2 to 3 years. He, later on, realised that money was not enough to make him feel satisfied.

He grew interested in self awareness/ exploration and mind-altering/psychedelic substances. After a period of self exploration he studied with ILS 'Inner Life Skills' for a 6 month master coach program to be a life coach in year 2016.

Out of that, a move to Berlin to study music production came about. A step that was once believed to manifest a career that he is passionate about, since his hobby was Deejaying to begin with. Yet what took place was a series of panic attacks, waking up and sleeping with, that lasted for 6 months due to the radical change. But at that point he crossed paths, again, with Jiddu Krishnamurti and, later on, David Bohm. He grew interested and invested in understanding whatever was at question then and there which is now with him: The ever so unexplained suffering and limitation of living no matter what one does.

His 2020 graduation's paper was called 'Self Expression and Beyond'. It ended with an EP and a question: Am I expressing myself, or simply expressing an idea I have of myself? For more about Ayham's artistic profile follow this link.

And since then, 2020 September, he got introduced to Dialogue groups and started participating which jump started Tripute, as the holistic collective it now is.

As a result, Holistic Dialogue (HD) started the foundation for all of his and Tripute's work.

July 2023 marked the release of SYNOPSIS, a holistic meditation space for a seeing together that is not concerned with meeting and moving together. And with this he feels the foundation is now complete for a life not led by consciousness.


Don’t know from where to start, a low note or a high one.
What seems necessary is not for another
Not for you, so why bother you
I was always trying to help yet
Just like those who can’t correct themselves, I ended up seeking to correct others
All that confusion and tastelessness of life, where can I take it to
For it to make sense
All the overthinking, all the rejection, all the loneliness and boredom
Overwhelmed I was
I tried this and tried that only to end up at the door step of myself saying:
Here you go again, back where you started. As if you have never left
I am not here for you, I am here for me!
What else can I offer but the key that ended my misery.
It is not a secret, and now I keep saying, internally:
How come it is not common knowledge
How tragic that it is not common knowledge by now
So It was unavoidable
Unavoidable to live your story and to go through your pain, was it actual or not, was it logical or not.
Because I now know
I know I can’t help you
But I woke up to listen
I have to listen!
Because it is clear that I don’t
I don’t know what it is to be you and to have your circumstances
I actually don’t know me all that well either
But if I learned one thing, it is this
It is okay that I don’t
It is beautiful that I don’t know
Its magnificent that I would never know
The known is dead
And here we are, with a question that is ever so living
What does it mean to be alive...?

~ Ayham Kader (2022)