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Holistic Society Organisation


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Transforming from the core through complete involvement

Shall we try something new? Where we - as individuals, a society, communities and organisations - address our deepest, most important and objective, needs regardless of which context they arise from and into?
The word "holistic" is trendy now, but we're serious about it. Right now, we see it as a super important quality of being fair and sticking together. With that in mind, how should we go about our non-profit work and activities? How do we include people, rules, ways of doing things, plans, and all that?
  • Inquiry & Exploration

    Holistic Dialogue helps bring about big changes, both for individuals and for groups, by giving room for people to investigate and explore freely.

  • Holistic Perception
    Holistic Dialogue can teach us how to see things as a whole, which makes it easier for teams to communicate and work together. This can lead to more creativity that goes beyond what we're used to thinking about every day.
  • Independence and Autonomy
    Holistic Dialogue creates a space where each individual feels empowered to investigate/explore for themselves, free from the common expectation to agree or disagree, moving towards a place where the distinction between the personal and impersonal is irrelevant.
  • Facilitation

    An HD Facilitator’s role is to clarify what is going on, when needed, and what might need attention especially during those times where confusion, conflict and miscommunication are present.

Dialogue vs Coaching vs Counseling

Here's the deal: Coaching and Counseling focus on helping people with their thoughts and feelings as they are right now. But Holistic Dialogue (HD) goes a step further. It's all about understanding everything about our minds and even more, if that's even possible.


Counseling dives into what happened before and what might come next, all to help us live peacefully without any fuss in our surroundings and within our selves.


Coaching is about focusing on what's ahead. It looks at where you want to go and helps you deal with the past that might be holding you back. The goal is to help you reach your dreams and move forward.


HD isn't really about looking at what happened before or what might happen next. Instead, it's about getting a big-picture view of all all the details and seeing how it affects us as individuals and as a group.

HD In-depth

Generic HD Procedure

To Discover

The common ground between the group members.
To Explore

The limitation of our current communication and, potentially, go beyond it.

To Understand

The process of thinking and thought and how limiting it can be in relationship and creative work.

To Go Into & Unpack

The importance of listening right now, rather than thinking about theories or drawing from past experiences to understand things.

To See

What happens when listening is its own action.
Your Facilitator
  • Holistic Dialogue & Meditation Facilitator | Artist | Consultant

3 Months HD Program


To be agreed upon with the management team, yet we do recommend of the following frequency:

  • 3 Months of weekly HDs per department, team or any agreed-upon configuration.
  • 3 Months of weekly HDs for the executive team.
  • 3 End of month organisation-wide HDs.
Duration of an HD Meeting
1.5 to 2 hours a week.

Each weekly and monthly HD will start with no agenda or structure but the opening talk by the facilitator on the first meeting and the maximum duration of the meeting.

About Structure (Rationale 1)
Any structure or method to bring about transformation of the core cannot go very far. Also, having self-managed teams is a necessity so any imposed method is a structure that did not come from the team itself.
About Learning (Rationale 2)

A learning of a different kind is must. Not the typical kind driven by goals, targets and gathering of knowledge and experiences. Such traditional learning limits critical thinking and creativity.

About Learning (Rationale 3)
The problems we face as individuals don't always need a bunch of fancy knowledge or expertise. Sometimes, all that does is make our heads feel even more crowded. So, having a conversation—like a dialogue—that clears out our minds instead of filling them up with more stuff is really important for understanding things better.
About Learning (Rationale 4)
Then, action ends up being as not a simple idea that needs to be put into practice but something that is already happening. Our requirements and requests are changing all the time making a clear mind a daily necessity.

Ending Notes

The results are to be observed through the work and daily interactions. As for the immediate effects, it depends from one individual to another. Also, this process, with time, might lead to filtering out individuals who are typical followers - where they can be placed in better suited roles/positions.

This is not a service that Tripute provides but a temporary partnership because nothing would happen unless all parties are fully involved, especially since this process is quite unpredictable and has the potential to change things to the core in ways that might even surprise the managing team themselves.

Together we can break free from the traditional way of doing and seeking things. Through going directly into the core of the matter–the individual’s capacity to observe and their system of operation–we could, for real, outgrow our traditional, long standing, ways of doing things and being.

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