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Into Suicidal Ideation


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An Invitation
Do we find ourselves caught in a cycle of confusion and prejudice, leading to the experience of pain, only to return to confusion and prejudice once more?
This question relates to a deep part of human existence where individuals may make the personal choice to end their own life. When we describe the act of suicide in this manner, do we accidentally make it seem less important or even hurtful?

Holistic dialogue sets up a space where each person can be like a scientist, explorer, and observer of their own thoughts and feelings. It's not about reaching some far-off goal—it's about starting off with the power and independence right from the beginning.
As a group, we're all facing the tough road of suicidal thoughts together. Can we all take this journey seriously, honoring each person's experience and the journey we're on as a group?
Is this for me?
Now, what if I do not know whether I am the individual who can benefit from this or not, what am I to do?

It's important to understand that Holistic Dialogue isn't like a suicide hotline, and it's not set up specifically for mutual help, even though people might naturally support each other during conversations.
If you're feeling really vulnerable right now, it's best to reach out for immediate psychological crisis help. Otherwise, if you're going to join in, just be careful because Holistic Dialogue is quite intense for most people.
We can't promise everything, but we can promise to keep things confidential, treat everyone with respect, and really try to understand and explore the complicated stuff about being human and the human condition.

Our Setup

About Suicide Ideation

Does thinking about suicide mean someone's really struggling and needs outside help? Or is it not different in its structure from other lines of thought and thinking?

Decide for Yourself

Both ways of looking at it make sense, showing how complex and subtle this issue is. That's why in our group sessions, we ask everyone to sign a consent form. If they have a licensed psychologist, we want them to sign too. It helps us focus on exploring ourselves without worrying about needing constant psychological supervision.

What This is Not

With that said, this isn't a therapy or support group—it's a Holistic Dialogue session. So before joining, you need to go through the following pages:

Your Facilitator
  • Holistic Dialogue & Meditation Facilitator | Artist | Consultant

Apply to Attend

We meet on bi-weekly basis on Mondays at 7PM CET for 1.5-2 hours.
Disclaimer 1: If you are in a fragile place, we recommend seeking psychological crisis help, otherwise proceed with caution as Holistic Dialogue is an intense sober process. We do not promise anything but confidentiality, respect and a deep interest in understanding, inquiry and exploration of the human condition.

Disclaimer 2: Holistic Dialogue meetings tend to be intense and considering the context's innate intensity, we ask for your confirmation of acceptance and openness.

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