The intention to question, to listen and to be patient - that sums very well up how Ayham encounters dialogues. Combined with his excellent technical skills and his natural attitude to do something profoundly he has got all that is needed to be a perfect host for podcasts. It is always a great adventure to dive with him into a topic and explore uncharted territories together. Meeting him means to learn about oneself. So I can only recommend to tune in to him. It is a sound that sustain. (14th of November 2021)

~ Eric Prochnow (Health Practitioner, Writer, Journalist & School Teacher)

Highly recommend checking out Tripute. It was insightful and inspiring to be a part of today's, the 13th of Jan 2022, Holistic Dialogue facilitated together by Ayham Kader & Paul Dimmock. It is unlike anything I've experienced before. (13th of January 2022)

~ Nina Gerzon (Holistic Nutritionist, Medicinal Personal Chef, Energy Worker & DJ)

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