Ayham Kader AKA iAM! AKA Tripute

(DJ and Producer)

From Baghdad to Berlin. From Sufi to Techno. 

~ Music takes place when we are not.        


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DJ (iAM!)

Pure DJ's perspective of playing within his taste and perception of the moment. The philosophy is minimum expectations and maximum spontaneity. Building Sets/ Trips that go from chill out to hard hitting, light to dark, 100 to 140 BPM and vice versa. (Minimal/ House/ Tech House/ Techno)

Producer & DJ (Tripute)

Tripute is a niche of atmospheric, dub, deep, psychedelic, experimental, trancy, hypnotic, Techno & Ambient Music. Trips that takes the listener through many emotions and states within that particular sound. Like watching the sea waves, always the same yet continuously different.

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