Automated Meditation Coaching/ Mentoring

Aren't you frustrated by how much we work on ourselves yet almost always end up where we started?

Does the solutions you realize expire soon after you are convinced that it's working out very well for you? 

How much of our selves are we really familiar and in touch with?

How much of our familiarity is based on our understanding of ourselves rather than being based on the way we were brought up in family, society, cultures and our past?

Are we really shaped by circumstances alone?

In Depth

These questions have exhausted my brain for as long as I can remember. More info under Origins in Bios & Contact

The more we evolve through science the more it brings us ease yet also undeniable agony. So, where is the benefit of all this if it is not making us feel more at home and less alienated and in constant internal struggle. 

Diving in, to the quantum level, demands our attention but without depending soloely on the Judgmental conditioning of our polar-like brain. Seeing ourselves for who we truly are, not influenced by the idea we have of ourselves, the future or the past.

"The highest form of intelligence is looking at one's self with no judgement but with understanding"

~Jiddu Krishnanmurti

Deep Exploration of our value systems, dormant feelings and understanding. Revealing the rooted mechanism of our interactions (Actions and Reactions). Allowing whatever we are seeking to manifest naturally over the course of our lives, rather than by force and sheer obsession. 

Most of us were brought up to believe that Love and success is to be earned. Not deserved until worked hard for; trapping instead of liberating us to love even more.

Our Approach 

"Inspired by the works of Alan Watts, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Rumi and George Carlin"

The starting point may differ, but the target is one: Clearing out our being of the noise and distortion. 

Trust and honesty is the founding layers we base all our interactions on.

Listening and present observation is our primal portals of understanding, and we are learning everyday and seeing how it is becoming a passion in and off itself.

We will create a safe space for dialogue within ourselves and each other.

We will see together how our thoughts and neuron cells are connected through different techniques and approaches to free ourselves from any knots and expired programming.

Allowing our energy and feelings to speak up and not be limited to words.

Lets reclaim whatever we left behind and free ourselves from any chains

The truth, your living truth, is there waiting to be seen by you beyond all the existing conditioning.

Number of sessions: 4

Session's Duration: 60 to 90 Mins

"If you feel right about this. Don't hesitate to contact us, not forgetting to write about the situation you are in so we can have a better idea in advance about how we can help"

All the best,

  • Payment optional at the conclusion of 1 program in addition to 1 induction session to our approach and meditation 
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