Purpose & Passion Mapping

Did life lose its excitement, its flare? Are you looking for a genuine, more truthful sense of importance? Are you searching for your lives' long purpose, your soul’s calling?

We, @ tripute, have realized that if we are unaware of our purpose; success will be a loosely defined term that we won't be unable to recognize or quantify. And if we did, we would do so in a sterile milestone kind of way, treating our life as a mere project rather than a natural flow of existence.

Living life feeling successful only for a portion of it.

"To be successfully is to live your purpose on daily basis. Success is our purpose materialized"

Our lives will become fuller and more exciting. We will one day wake up to the full potential of our being.

According to Rumi, the right path is the path that purifies you.

However, most of us are not conscious about this path, limiting us from tapping in and building on it.

* Our main compass is our desire.

The good news; you are already living and driven by this path, but our cognitive materialistic minds won’t care nor rest unless it can see it, touch it, feel it and eventually ruin it.

The First step, recognize the material and let go of it. Filtering the noise and distractions 

The second is with us, together.

Number of sessions (Minimum):

Express: 4

Full: 8

Session's Duration: 60 Min

"If you feel right about this. Don't hesitate to contact me, not forgetting to write about the situation you are in so we can have a better idea in advance about how we can help"

All the best

*  First session for New Clients is complimentary

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