'Documenting and sharing Tripute's holistic work through the spoken word and music'

Documenting and sharing Tripute's holistic work through the spoken word and music for a life not led by consciousness

A seeing together no longer concerned with meeting and moving together

Synopsis is an experimental space that began to take shape through a number of group Holistic Dialogues. So it was decided to create this page in order display what is taking place with us and with it - it has been clearing up that such a space is necessary to closely see what happens when individuals have explored themselves enough to be not concerned with moving together or even meeting at all. 

Below is the YouTube channel yet it is available across many podcasts platforms.

(Available in Audio and Video)

Holistic Dialogue is a space for collective exploration & inquiry, transcending our psychological structures with absolutely no methods. In this podcast the participants go into a series of 12 interconnected dialogues that concluded in two seasons.

Participants: Ayham Kader & Paul Dimmock

(Available in Audio and Video)

Connectionism is a trip in and about oneself through holistic dialogue and ambient music with visualization, if one is attending to it with video. Connectionism aims to bring about a holistic sense in daily living. 

Participants: Ayham Kader

(Available in Audio and Video)