Written works concerning yet not limited to holistic living, collective understanding, discovery, creativity and creation.

Simultaneously living through and sharing a conversation which the world is deprived of; not having the slightest idea that such a thing exists in us, let alone out there. The ambiguity of what HD is all about is intense enough for many to be shocked by it. Can we see this intensity for what it is rather than define it and explain it away? And maybe an organic process of redefinition starts to take place as we go along.

Within a couple of weeks, they met, fell in love and started a family. It all happened very quickly. But they were not two teenagers caught up in a romantic illusion. Instead, they are two people a generation apart and from widely different cultures; they are two human beings in thrall to the joy of living through the exploration of their own immediate relationship, which apparently seems to have no end or limitation, a relationship unclouded by the usual concerns of sexual desire, economic success and social ambition. Their family includes you, whether you read this book or not. But only those of you who read this book and join their exploration will know the same joy - because their relationship is your relationship, which is all human relationship regardless of age, gender and race. A lot happened in a few weeks. The conscious record of some of it is in this book. What happens next is entirely up to you.