Audio Artifacts

'Demonstrating learning in a holistic sense through audio recordings' 

In this course Paul Dimmock and Ayham Kader undergo a holistic dialogue (HD) in real time. Going into the theme/ topic of the foundation of HD. We thought that the best way to do this course is to both explain and demonstrate simultaneously through having a live HD among ourselves to both show and go into whatever is at hand.

Duration: 69 min

By: Ayham Kader & Paul Dimmock

Living can be exhausting especially when encountered with the new and the unclear. This course or holistic dialogue is an attempt to experience this confusion and clear it up, simultaneously. We will learn together about the title and what is beyond and behind it

Duration: 44 min

By: Ayham Kader

Meditation was introduced to me, like for most of us, in a mainstream way. That led me to the same patterns I wanted to uncover and end, yet now it only changed their form to hide yet again. In this course, we will explore together through my journey and perspective with the hope that it leads you to re-explore your own.

Duration: 18.5 min

By: Ayham Kader

What is it not and how should it be approached 

Duration: 18 min

By: Ayham Kader

Let us unpack, together, the deep workings of thinking and figure out what lies beyond it. 

Duration: 48 min

By: Ayham Kader 

A philosophical, meditative approach to understanding the mind's creative inhibitions. 

Duration: 24 min

By: Ayham Kader

You will learn about the process of mainstream consciousness and how it unfolds and manifest in our thinking, historically and on daily basis. As a result, we would learn to unlearn what we know/ knew of ourselves, opening the potential for authentic/creative living. The kind of living that is transformative beyond our imagination/ ideation.  

Duration: 30 min

By: Ayham Kader