'The words Holistic and Profit cannot coexist'


The words Holistic and Profit cannot coexist. Hence, a life not led by consciousness.

The matter of money could be as troublesome as any other matter in terms of complexity and intention. So the only thing we can do here is to be transparent and open about it, while considering any received feedback because it is viewed to be not separate from anything Tripute deals with. 

The work we are doing holds utmost importance, at least to us. Despite engaging in various activities, we are fully committed and dedicated to this work. Your presence and support are essential for its continuation, even if you are not physically participating. Our wish is to not be swayed by trivial matters in order to survive and maintain a decent livelihood. Instead, we aim to tackle this together, each utilizing their own talents and strengths, without wasting any effort due to societal pressures in today's civilization. This is a holistic collective, and we do not fully comprehend its true extent. 


All of our content and offerings are free with the exception of Group Holsitic Dialogue 3-Month Cycles, books and ventures. All of the raw material are as accessible as possible: All of our written books are available for free through podcasts of the same name and we have a selection of Group HD meetings available for free in both, audio and video formats.


Group HD is not a product and the money asked is not a transaction. It is viewed, at Tripute, as a mutual commitment where everyone taking up the risk equally.

To commit is to unite, connect, come together and let go.

Other than what is already written on the website and dedicated pages nothing is promised or predicted. 

We have opened a range from a minimum to a maximum payment: 

Minimum: 350 euros per cycle

Maximum: 1050 euros per cycle

We will keep the payment/ money conversation to the last meeting during 3-month-HD-cycle where each participant, including the facilitator, would rate for themselves how much it was worth during the last HD meeting.

* A special consideration is present for those with limited budgets.