Podcast shows about and into Holistic Living, Dialogue, Meditation, Creativity, Music, Art, Science, Health Beyond Perception and The State Of Man

'Connectionism' is a trip in and about oneself through dialogue, ambient and techno music with visualization if you are attending it on Youtube with the aim to bring about a holistic sense in daily living.

Hosted by: Ayham Kader

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'Dialogue' is an open, undefined, inquiring and explorative space of dialogue (Bohm Dialogue) for the understanding of man, life and potential. Inclusive of relationship and action, beyond concepts, ideas and our particular and shared history.

Hosted by: Ayham Kader & Paul Dimmock

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'Allone' is a podcast to connect the body, mind and heart in a unique system exploiting sound, music and spoken word as adhesives. The journeys lead through an escalation of emotions and inner states. Like when you look at the waves of the sea; always immutable yet constantly different. Check Youtube for the sets with visualizations.

Hosted by: Ayham Kader

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'Snippets' is a collection of bite size holistic dialogues with no particular order taken from Tripute's other holistic podcasts.

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