Tripute is a

Multi disciplined, humanitarian & artistic outlet for a community whose ambition is to see authentic connection in themselves.

The solution to any strenuous inner problem/ conflict starts with a wider perspective, a rewiring of our neurological path ways, an evolution of consciousness. Whatever comes next should be a natural progression and a breakthrough resulting out of a different perspective/ understanding/ value system.

The mediator provides a curated medium between you and your conflicting self. Providing a safer and friendlier space to enter and engage in a healthier form of internal dialog that is beyond verbal articulation.

We are living in an age suffering from information overload. Unable to find an authentic sense of direction. Too many diets, too many religions, too many ways to live your life by.  And each is advertised as the one that would fit the most, leaving us lost rather than validated.

What you will experience here is, as the name suggests, finding your own particular balance within all there is while enjoying yourself naturally and spontaneously doing so.

You are not a drop of the ocean, you are the whole ocean in one drop

~ Rumi

Balance is the by product of leading a healthy life. It is the art of living and experiencing life to the fullest with minimum escape and maximum presence for our moment. Living what works for you and letting go of what doesn’t.

The purpose for each and every individual is to be healthy no matter how this purpose is translated into.

Same ingredients, different dishes

Let us free ourselves to communicate and live with ourselves courageously.

The rewards are infinite in detail yet one as a whole, and that whole is you.

Why do I believe in this?

Because I am not offering a solution. Instead, a window into a different understanding.

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