Workshops and classes (Mambo and Bachata)

Providing Classes and workshops infused with our deep & reflective approach. Not limited to learning the dance and the fun that goes with it. But also to experience a personal and inner shift doing so.

Understand the Lead and follow and what makes each role of these effective and simply Human.

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Ayham Kader's Dancing Bio

His passion for couple dances (Especially mambo AKA NY on2) started as a window to an expanded social and entertaining life. However, through it he experienced and lived way more than he could have imagined.

(Been on the dance floor for 9 years and counting)

It started out of the need to socialize, especially, with the opposite gender. Nevertheless, it eventually grew out of that to touch his mind, body and soul. Helped him understand himself and the opposite gender in a way he never thought of. With a mere touch and an eye gaze one can know enough to establish a 5 minute relationship that you’d fill together the way you two see fit, in most cases. It helped him develop a keen sense of understanding personal relationships.

Sessions and Programs 

We can design tailored programs for private couples and groups. 

Contact us about your needs and interests and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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