Ayham Kader AKA iAM!

~ Music takes place when the self is not.         

  • For Booking: Ayham.shk@tripute.net
  • Soundcloud: Tripute

Holistic Deejaying is playing music, free from the player and the listener. Tuning and playing music for the whole, rather than being limited to individual taste. 

iAM! continuously updates his way to connect the body, mind and heart in a unique system exploiting sound and music and spoken word as adhesives.

The journeys he proposes, for the dance floor and the still listener, lead through an escalation of emotions and inner states. Like when you look at the waves of the sea; always immutable yet constantly different.

* Photo by Eline Duijsens

Meditation/ Yoga


For Bookings: Ayham.shk@Tripute.net

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