Holistic Culture

'Recreating the work environment & culture together'

Is it a struggle to pinpoint the reason(s) behind the lack of synergy?

Doesn't it seem like a paradox and quite pressuring not knowing where to start from and how to progress?

Have you ever wondered what is the right logic behind a healthy culture?

Can change take place without being occupied with it?

The Why

The traditional/ normal way of learning is focused on accumulating knowledge and acquiring of concepts and beliefs. While this way is effective within the material and technical fields, it does fall short and in fact is quite damaging to operate on in the psychological field, where culture and our values operate.

Our virtual/ psychological field's potential is narrowed with structure, and this very structure ends up resisting future change, treating it as a threat. Our traditional approach to learning towards ourselves and culture is dangerous as it is corrupting, even if it's not perceived as such.

'Serious efforts to change company culture can take five or more years to make stick, yet the median CEO tenure for the S&P 500 is only six years. As a result, employees can feel that a culture initiative is only a phase to endure' ~ Rich Lyons


A holistic culture and its approach is based on purified perception not on systems of beliefs, rationally sounding were they or not. An approach based on direct contact with what is, without being mislead by accumulated experience, can be demonstrated through these 5 objectives:

  • To discover the common ground between the group members.
  • To explore the limitation of human communication and to potentially go beyond it.
  • To understand the process of thinking and thought and how limiting it can be to relationship and creative work.
  • To go into what it means to be listening in the here-and-now rather than reflecting on theories or deriving meaning from a reflection on previous experience.
  • To see what happens when listening is its own action.

'While change management can be taught and learned, change-competency requires a fundamental shift in culture & Values. It must become part of the day-to-day operations and cannot be simply demonstrated in training or instructional material' ~ Jeffrey M. Hiatt & Timothy J. Creasey

This approach cannot be taught but it can be learned. This is why we are here to help in doing just that, facilitating the learning in real time, through purposed Holistic Dialogue

And due to this, the following program is proposed:



•  Weekly team/ department holistic dialogues.

•  Weekly dialogues with the executive team.

•  Bi-weekly dialogues with department heads.

•  Monthly entity-wide holistic approach and values open dialogue/ panel discussion.


3 months


These benefits are not to be expected in full or in sequence due to the nature of a holistic response which is beyond prediction:

  • Save future change management costs and time
  • Shifting from demanding growth to nurturing it
  • Manifestation of comfort in not knowing 
  • Shortening of learning intervals
  • Integration within the team and entity
  • Resilience in conflict and resistance resolution
  • Empowered environment for trust and transparency


Our pricing is based on the companies size and performance. Fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


The program can be assumed as a whole, in parts as well as modified if deemed necessary.

Ending Notes

'The common worry should be replaced by a new paradigm—one that recognises the inevitability of failure in today’s complex work organisations. Those that catch, correct, and learn from failure before others do will succeed' ~ Amy Edmondson

Trying something new, which is delivered in a new way every time sure leaves no room for comfort and security. It is a risk, but one we believe you should take, not one time, but every time. 

This program is an eye opener to the necessary risk to be taken every day and on every level in order to address that which our inherited instincts tell us to ignore, avoid and/ or control. And later on, this risk might end up not looked at as such.

We are inviting you to see this through, together, in whatever capacity available to us.

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