Holistic Living Coaching (Personal)

Does your life seem to be missing something no matter what you do and how much you achieve?

Do you find going to psychologists expensive, demanding in time and not that fruitful?

Have you heard about these terms: Holistic, Meditation, Insight but don't know from where to start with any of them?

What Holistic Living Is Not

This is not a new thing, don't be mislead. It has been around for thousands of years. We have built religion, churches, temples and mosques around it. Taught it in detail. Created art and literature for it and called it God and whatnot. Yet, none of those things are actually it.

I don't even know exactly what it is. All I can tell you for now is that if anyone does tell you that they do know; either they are delusional or simply using you for their personal benefit.

Where should we start from?

We start from what is present with us, in the here and now, through inquiry and actual concern for the truth:

What kind of problem I am facing? What kind of goals and dreams am I striving for? Why am I here on this page?

And later on, deeper we go:

What am I acting upon? A belief, a plan? Can I trust them? Have they served me as they were intended?

How should it be approached then?

The best, yet hardest thing about this approach is that there is no 'how' to it. All that we know this far is that we are conditioned (a by-product of society and my history). And this conditioning is so limiting, creating so much pain and mischief in my life and the lives that surround me.

So, If we can pinpoint the conditioning that is present with us in the here and now; we can, potentially, go beyond it. 

So we will be doing just that, together

Holistic living is born! Not cultivated or manufactured through routine and will power.

What should I prepare for the session?

Other than what is occupying your mind, nothing. Also, taking care of your energy is really crucial for such deep inquiry. So it is necessary to  sleep and eat well without overdoing it.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

We don't know, as it depends on so many factors. But the intention is for you to be on your own and apply yourself to it instead of continuously seeking external guidance.

When Can We Start?

Fill in the form below and we will take it from there

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