Holistic Dialogue Overview

'Deeper alternative to coaching, psychotherapy and counseling'

A serious space for collective inquiry & exploration of the individual and culture


It is facing yourself instantly, understanding yourself anew, each moment.

This is why it is crucial for friendship, that immeasurable quality, to be present from the beginning. Because then, the act of judgment and measurement (what stifles the living in relationship and oneself) ends up exposed and eventually gone through and beyond. Naturally in judgement, comparison, measurement, etc., creative space is so scarce if ever present at all. And for dialogue creativity is necessary because

Creativity is essential for a healthy living

Otherwise we exaggerate in daily living and end up losing our sensitivity. This is why we are here, to understand what it actually means to be sensitive, alive, vibrant.

For further explanation, refer to the introduction to dialogue trailer episode out of one of our podcasts below


The world is suffering, as individuals are. While the world's suffering is obvious to us, the individual's is not and we are lost trying to figure out a solution to a problem that never seems clear to us. What's proposed here is an attempt to clarify it, together.

The problems of the individual need no expertise or accumulation of knowledge because all that does nothing but clutter the brain even more. So, having a conversation, AKA a dialogue, that depopulates rather than populates the psyche with content is key.

Methods are absurd... due to the sheer complexity of the mind and the individual's identity. This and even deeper is why we see coaching, psychotherapy and counseling to be limited and even dangerous to depend on. Here, with the dialoguer as a temporary and/ or occasional facilitator, together, you would undertake the journey of inquiry and exploration which is essentially limitless.


One of things that make dialogue different is the deep understanding of thought and thinking. Traditionally we overlook the fact that we live our lives through the dominant thought process and so we do not question it. The lacking of this foundational understanding hinders and breaks down the dialogue, breaks down holistic living. Here is where the facilitator role comes in: to clarify what is going on and what needs to be paid attention to. Non-dialoguers should expect numerous educational moments/ phases with regards to this but only temporarily and the facilitator role should be quickly dropped in order for the dialogue to run itself instead of roles running it.


If you are still here, then you are already partaking. The question is then, how can I take this further? 

Tripute suggests the following options:

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