Group HD is a space for collective inquiry and exploration, transcending our psychological structures in real-time with absolutely no expertise, comprising of at least 3 people and more.

Holistic Dialogue Groups

'Where we dive in'


Our time-bound commitment is broken down to 3 month cycles (January to March, May to July and September to November). 

Typically we meet once a week for a duration of 2 hours with an ideal capacity of 12 people per group, yet none of these things are carved in stone as this is on-going learning process for all of us. 


January to March (2024)


May to July (2023)

September to November (2023)

* For financial contribution check out our Fund Us page.** Make sure to check the Spam folder under your email address for our reply.*** It is recommended to have a consistent attendance.**** If an individual intends to join more than one cycle, a new enrollment is necessary with a deeper written justification.


Holistic Dialogue is a type of conversation that goes beyond the everyday particular mind to discover and uncover whatever needs to be addressed at this point and time, which could range from the dynamic of interpersonal relationship, the communication of real world problems and the exploration of areas beyond human conflict, such as creativity and the evolution of man. This is not a discussion or a debate, but it is an ever-changing form of communication and learning that is new to most of us - and it is factually new every time in its undertaking, which gives it the potential for transforming our consciousness and pattern-making habits.

At some points during an HD, potential harmony could be recognized as therapeutic and evolutionary by the participants, yet the dialogue is not limited to that nor does it aim for it. It is an ever-moving process that goes beyond any expectation and assumed need of the individual and the group. Holistic Dialogue is a way of approaching learning anew every time.

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