Holistic Culture Coaching (Corporate)

The first element to consider in a budget is the targeted sales. However, what is the first thing to consider in building a company culture; a culture that extends to its customers?

What does it mean to survive and thrive in today and tomorrow’s economy without accumulating emotional, mental and, eventually, physical pressure/ stress?

Have you considered the possibility of having a business/ career that evolves organically? One that leads itself? If so, what does it take for this possibility to be a reality? 

A McKinsey survey of some 3,199 executives found that only 1/3rd of organisational change efforts do succeed.

'While change management can be taught and learned, change-competency requires a fundamental shift in culture & Values. It must become part of the day-to-day operations and cannot be simply demonstrated in training or instructional material'
~ Jeffrey M. Hiatt & Timothy J. Creasey 

Cultivating an entity with intellect, knowledge and experience alone is limited. Such limitation results in numerous challenges that hinder the workflow, exhausts resources (both personal and financial) and impair longevity. 

From my experience, long lasting behavioural shift and awareness through communication of knowledge alone never worked. 

Assuming that a holistic approach is the answer. Why and how would it be approached? 


The traditional/ normal way of learning is focused on accumulating intellectual knowledge and acquiring of concepts and beliefs. While this way is effective within the material and technical fields, it does fall short in the psychological field (where culture and our values operate). This is due to the nature of this learning, psychologically, in forming structures and systems that act as the truth for the one who holds them, which end up creating resistance and limitation for anything that is new, anything that challenges the systems in place.

A holistic culture and its approach are based on purifed perception not on systems of beliefs, rational were they or not. An approach based on direct contact with what is, without being mislead by accumulated experience no matter how valuable it may seem to be. Refer to Tripute's Initiative for more info.

'Methodologies cost a lot of time and money to acquire and they soon expire to be replaced by newer products, that is if they were to deliver the promised results to begin with. The holistic approach awakens a quality of perception that is beyond any methodology or technique'

This approach takes place and starts to be nurtured within a person through intellectual subtractive examination of the false to reach the immeasurable.

This quality is not born out of a methodology, which ends up as a limiting structure. It is through attentiveness and understanding that the day-to-day interactions, the flow of work and relationships are transformed.

This quality, when born, nurtures and takes care of the organism. A culture of acting instead of pure reaction is then born.

'Serious efforts to change company culture can take five or more years to make stick, yet the median CEO tenure for the S&P 500 is only six years. As a result, employees can feel that a culture initiative is only a phase to endure' ~ Rich Lyons

So it starts with top leadership but won’t take root unless each employee is nurtured and empowered to lead as well.

We will be taking this journey together, through various formats and setups including problem solving and brain storming spaces.

And due to this, the following program is proposed:



•  Executive coaching sessions (4 per executive )

•  Company-wide holistic approach and values open dialogue/ panel discussion (12 )

•  Individual coaching for potential culture leaders - pos program (4 Per individual )

•  Ad-hoc holistic values interview for future potential employees


Option A - 3 months with weekly sessions

Option B - 1.5 months with half-weekly session


The program can be assumed as a whole or in parts, depending on the needs of the establishment.


These benefits are not to be expected in full or in sequence due to the nature of a holistic response which is beyond prediction

  • Growth beyond perception and the initial vision
  • Save future change management costs and time
  • Shifting approach from demanding growth to nurturing it
  • Comfort in not knowing, for creativity and responsibility
  • Elimination of communication gap and shortening of learning intervals
  • Benefiting employees personally as well as professionally
  • Learning and unpacking the wisdom in failures
  • Integration within the company, extending it to the customers
  • Improved quality in dealing with conflict and resistance resolution
  • Empowered environment for trust and transparency 
  • Shifting the norm from reactive to active
  • Minimal interruptions to undergoing projects during the program's execution

Ending Notes

'The common worry should be replaced by a new paradigm—one that recognises the inevitability of failure in today’s complex work organisations. Those that catch, correct, and learn from failure before others do will succeed' ~ Amy Edmondson

Coming from a history where employee-resistance is the norm, not the exception, it is our duty to change. Refer to Instant Learning for an in depth look at how.

Our ways proved to be effective when it comes to advancements in technology and innovation. Clearly it has improved our life style significantly. Yet, the increase in mental illness and disability is evidently significant as well. 

More and more people are waking up to this fact. And I believe this is why you are here as well.

'The job of leaders is to see that their organisations don’t just move on after a failure but stop to dig in and discover the wisdom contained in it. Motivating people to go beyond first-order reasons (procedures weren’t followed) to understanding the second- and third-order reasons can be a major challenge' ~ Amy Edmondson

Let us turn this into a culture that is maintained by its members, authentically.

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