3-Month HD Cycle Groups 

'Group meetings on weekly basis in 3-month cycles sharing Holistic Dialogue'


Partake in a 3-month group holistic dialogue cycle for a life not led by consciousness.

Our time-bound commitment is broken down to 3 month cycles (January to March, May to July and September to November). 

Typically we meet once a week for a duration of 2 hours with an ideal capacity of 12 people per group, yet none of these things are carved in stone as this is on-going learning process for all of us. 

( Age limit: 14-90+ )


This is not a product and the money asked is not a transaction. It is viewed, at Tripute, as a mutual commitment where everyone is taking up the risk equally.

To commit is to unite, connect, come together and let go.

Other than what is already written on the website and dedicated pages nothing is promised or predicted. 

We have opened a range from a minimum to a maximum payment: 

Minimum: 350 euros per cycle

Maximum: 1050 euros per cycle

We will keep the payment/ money conversation to the last meeting during 3-month-HD-cycle where each participant, including the facilitator, would rate for themselves how much it was worth during the last HD meeting.

* A special consideration is present for those with limited budgets. For more about our view on this log in to our Pricing page.


Janurary to March or May to July or September to November

* Make sure to check the SPAM folder under your email address for our reply.** It is expected of you to have a consistent attendance.*** If an individual intends to join more than one cycle, a new enrollment is necessary with a deeper written justification.**** A refund can be arranged, upon request.


Holistic Dialogue is a type of conversation that goes beyond the everyday particular mind to discover and uncover whatever needs to be addressed at this point and time, which could range from the dynamic of interpersonal relationship, the communication of real world problems and the exploration of areas beyond human conflict, such as creativity and the evolution of man. This is not a discussion or a debate, but it is an ever-changing form of communication and learning that is new to most of us - and it is factually new every time in its undertaking, which gives it the potential for transforming our consciousness and pattern-making habits.

At some points during an HD, potential harmony could be recognized as therapeutic (pleasant or rough) and evolutionary by the participants, yet the dialogue is not limited to that nor does it aim for it. It is an ever-moving process that goes beyond any expectation and assumed need of the individual and the group. Holistic Dialogue is a way of approaching learning anew every time.

The following reading, viewing and listening material could be of help:

Selected Group HD Videos

HD Book

HD Podcast

Audio Artifacts

Articles/ Blog

* If you are still not sure about whether this is for you or not, check out our Once a Month (FREE) HD space.


Q: Is the 3-Month Group HD Cycle just another way to name a Workshop?

A workshop is traditionally rooted in discussion and problem solving. This is one of the main challenges participants face transitioning into HD. A discussion is an exchange of ideas and between two points of views or more. In HD the exchange is not that of ideas and information but a different, yet to be discovered, kind of exchange and while psychological problems do get resolved in an HD yet the mindset that would make the most out of an HD is one that is not rooted in problem solving. Instead, it requires openness to explore and understand consciousness in a broader manner holistically. 

Q: What are the benefits I should expect from participating in HD? 

Another aspect that makes HD an impossibility to many of us is how people approach it and interaction in general. If you think about it, any interaction driven solely by a goal, desire, or intention is not holistic. With the previous understanding, the following benefits could be noted without prejudice: 

For more detailed answer check out Holistic Dialogue Overview

Q: What do I need to prepare for attending the 3-month cycle? 

Other than the Holistic Dialogue Overview and Call for holistic action pages nothing else is of due necessity. Having said that, it is worth mentioning that such work is energy intensive so being sober helps a lot, not just for the duration of an HD meetings but for the whole period of the cycle. Sober in the sense of not consuming any mind altering substances, including caffeine and nicotine, but then again it is only a recommendation not a requirement. 

Q: What is the nature of work the HD facilitator does? 

The facilitator is a participants who has all the technical and some of flow responsibilities. The technical sides includes arranging and setting up the necessary foundation for various HD meet-ups. While the flow of the HD responsibilities are never planned nor scripted. For more information about the flow of an HD, check out the "What About The How" under Holistic Dialogue [Overview].

Q: When does the weekly meetings take place and using which technology? 

The weekly meeting time will be determined once we have the total number of participants registered for each cycle. This will allow us to make a median/appropriate time slot selection that accommodates participants across different time zones. 

We will be using Google Meet.