Fund Us


The work we do is of utmost importance, at least to us. Although we have certain activities, we are not only fully committed to this work but also wholly dedicated. Your witnessing and support are a MUST in order for this to take place and continue, even if you are not physically participating. Our wish is to not be swayed by trivial matters in order to survive and maintain a decent livelihood. Instead, we aim to tackle this together, each utilizing our own talents and strengths, without wasting any effort due to societal pressures in today's civilization. This is a holistic collective, and we do not fully comprehend its true extent. 


We are always open for funding, yet it is quite difficult to measure how much it is worth due to the immeasurable value of the work we are doing. We believe that transparency is key when it comes to this aspect, thus, below is a breakdown of our costs and potential ventures we aim to partake in. These numbers are continuously updated to match the actual situation taking place for Tripute.


* The more funds we have, the more room there is for ventures to emerge. This is completely beyond Tripute's control.