Creative Block Coaching

Aren't you frustrated at how stuck you feel? wherever you are!

Doesn't your problems feel like a hole? The more you take from it the more it grows? Always chasing solutions only to arrive at the same problems!?

Do you think you have an imposter syndrome? and doing more is not helping at feeling life?

An Invitation

"The highest form of intelligence is looking at one's self with no judgement but with understanding"

~Jiddu Krishnanmurti

What we need is an open conversation, dialog and discussion. Together we will explore our barriers against creative living without the need to push ourselves through any extremism or justifying any image/ authority/ system. We will think together. talk together, like two real friends who listen and are attentive to one another. Hopefully with the same kind of attention which fuels love

Why such an invitation? Refer Below

In Depth

An interesting fact I reached through meditating: Our experiences shape the language we use. But then, that same language start to shape our experiences and vice versa. As a result, we end up where we started.

What seems new is only so on the surface. The underlining content is populated by our past experiences and the language we inherited. A new shell atop a pre-existing pattern.

Indeed, Humanity have went a long way, yet our problems are still the same at the core even though they have different shells.

Now baring in mind our inherited culture, language, experiences, methods and creative processes. Such a system left us trapped. Limited by our own achievements and accumulated knowledge.

How can we, ourselves, be free from a millennia of propaganda and structured programming? How can we solve our problems when in fact we are the problems, in operation, that we want to solve?

The answer cannot come from the same place the question arose from! Because if it did, there won't be a need for the question to exist in the first place.

If so we agree, then where would the answer come from?... Assuming that it comes; how will it come to us untainted by the patterns and systems we currently are possessed by?... And if we managed to change those systems and patterns we experience ourselves through; can we manage to do so without allowing our ego to bloat up? Just to repeat the same cycle and to experience the same highs and lows realizing that we, in fact, are stuck again and not learning.


"Inspired by the works of Alan Watts, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Rumi, George Carlin and Lao Tzu"

Meditation is not a mere 5 minutes to calm and silence yourself with. If it is, then it'd be not different from an anti-depressive pill.

The kind of silence which one cultivates through intellect, technically forcing our brains into such a state. While it relaxes us for a while, the result soon fades away.
Such a silence is the emerging peace following war as U.G Krishnamurti have put it

The other silence though is one out of understanding.

There is an unshakable humbling quality to understanding. When we are understanding; silence emerges. That's the silence where creation springs out of.

"The highest form of intelligence is looking at one's self with no judgement but with understanding"

~Jiddu Krishnanmurti


'If we want our truth, we have to live through our illusions. And may we be liberated to see this love grow beyond all that is false and evolve through all that is true'

Number of meetings: Max of 4

Session's Duration (One to One): 60 to 90 Mins

  • Donation (optional) at the conclusion of 1 program in addition to 1 induction session to our approach and meditation
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