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Ayham Kader, a Process Improvement Manager, Poet, Holistic Coach & DJ

He has:

11 years of Experience as a Business Consultant and Auditor, big part of it in a multinational business consultancy firm.

10 years and counting as a Mambo/ Latin dancer

7 years and counting as a DJ

3 year as a Music Producer

(Currently based in Berlin, Germany)


He grew up with a dire sense of loneliness.

One of his earliest memories were watching the news of whichever war was taking place at the time with his father. Sitting on his lap, suddenly he turned and asked, "Dad, why do bad people exist?" The father looked back at him and, with a beautiful calm smile, he said, "I don't know." Ayham was three and a half years old at the time.

This boy later on grew up to ask the same question differently: Why don't people listen and understand one another?

As a person with high level of empathy, he carried huge narcissistic tendencies due to his upbringing and nurturing environment at the time. So, confusion was a constant quality as much as overthinking was. A life of outspoken polarities was his expression. He did not seek professional mental help due to the ignorance of his condition;

However, he had, and still does, an undeniable thirst for understanding. This thirst turned out to be his talent and it is what made him keep going regardless of the inner struggles and conflicts. 

His life has finally led him to many teachers out of which were Jiddu Krishnamurti. And since then, this thirst finally found its imperishable source.

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