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'Found by my sound not the other way around'

What is the problem you are facing? Creative block? Stage freight? Creative direction? Or are you even saying ‘I have lost something and now I believe as if I have lost something I have never really had’?

This place which now is suffocating and blocking us is the same place where the magic happens, or used to happen. Yet, we often talk about overcoming these blocks as if there is something waiting for us on the other side of whatever obstacle that is present.

But how do we know that? Are we promised heaven in the afterlife again, yet in a fancier, more modern, way? 


Surely you are not here because of a certain technical difficulty that you would know way more than I, or most people for that matter, do.

So, we will ask together: what is this obstacle? When does it rise? Is it currently so dominating that it covers the whole space from expression?

What is troubling you, troubling us, is that which cannot be identified. And even if we manage to identify it, this identification proves to be not the solution and even a bigger obstacle itself going forward. Because I have even less space now. 

This space… is the one creativity needs. What is occupying this space that is necessary for any creative work need to manifest. 

There is no solution but a journey of exploration. One which we will take on together. It is necessary for us to do so, together, because this obstacle is not yours alone, it is mine too, yet expressed through your language and experience. 


The past narration that you just read is a real example of how we will be exploring. The only difference is that I did it on my own now with my own language. However, soon enough you will be able to do so too on your own in the way it is most fit to you, which is yet to be discovered by you, or us.

If anything it is indeed exciting to awaken to a new way of understanding and learning about oneself and its work every time. 

That is what am here to help with.

For more examples over our approach refer to this podcast that I host for a real taste of how such an exploration is and where it might lead to.

I explore and the answer seem to be the question

I await your message patiently...


80 Euros per session (1 to 1.5 hours) in addition to a free 30 minute introduction

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