'Freedom is not a right but a responsibility'

A holistic outlet for professional, humanitarian, scientific and artistic communities


'Holistic' is the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, infinitely spreading. 

Holistic science is an approach to research that emphasizes the study of complex systems. Systems are approached as coherent wholes whose component parts are best understood in context and in relation to one another and to the whole.

'You are not a drop of the ocean, you are the whole ocean in one drop' ~ Jalaluddin Rumi

This is not about providing a method, but rather, an approach and curated medium. Through clear understanding and perception of the inner movement  in its entirety! Clear of concepts, ideologies and methods of any kind. This sets us absolutely free inwardly, and as a result, outwardly. Refer to coaching Holistic Living (Personal)Holistic Culture (Corporate) & Courses for a more in depth look.

Tripute also facilitates a collection of holistic podcasts that are in line with Tripute's Initiative.

Check this, brochure, also for a quick comprehensive overview.

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