Taking back the psychological responsibility of each and everyone. No dependence on any outside agency or method of any kind.

We are living in an age suffering from information overload. Unable to find an authentic sense of direction. Too many diets, too many religions, too many ways to live your life by.  And each is advertised as the one that would fit the most, leaving us lost rather than validated.

We have tried and went through enough. Yet still, we are nowhere as balanced as we dreamed. Nowhere as wholly as we were promised to be.

Now, what is clear is that as long as I am dependent on systems, all external systems, which do not serve me I will always be a unbalanced by-product of a limited perspective about life and living.

So, seeing all that, where do one go from here? 

'The truth is a pathless land' ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

'Whatever purifies you is the right path, I will not try to define it' ~ Jalaluddin Rumi

Balance - Being - Wholeness is/ are the translation of leading a holistic life, the art in living. Living what works, factually, and expiring of what doesn’t, naturally.

The purpose for each and every one is to be healthy no matter how this purpose is translated into.

Same ingredients, different dishes

The rewards are infinite in detail yet one as a whole, and that whole is you, not the idea of you, even though one has to go through the idea to reach the whole.

Why Tripute?

Because Tripute does not offer a solution. Instead, it offers a window onto a different understanding.

So, refer to the menu to take this conversation further in a direction that resonates with you.

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