'The Holistic Collective'

For a life not led by consciousness

Tripute is a holistic non-profit collective, here for a life not led by consciousness through holistic dialogue (HD)


Tripute is a holistic collective that concerns itself with a living not led by consciousness.

We are anyone and everyone who is involved directly or indirectly with the embodiment of holistic action.

The term "Tripute" is a fusion of "Tribute" and "Trip", signifying a tribute given by all and to all through an eternal journey. Because Tripute’s objective is not a material one nor it is bound by time.

Tripute is founded and run by Ayham Kader, a Holistic Dialogue Facilitator, Artist and Consultant.

All publications, audio/video or text, are owned by Tripute.

Tripute does not aim for with profit yet does that make it a non-profit entity? We are not sure, but what we are sure about is that the words "Profit" and "Holistic" cannot co-exist. For an in-depth look at the matter visit the page Pricing.

It should be noted, however, that Tripute's purpose and direction have undergone numerous changes since its establishment in 2016. It is only since 2020 that Tripute has operated in its current manner. 


Kastanienallee, 10435 

Berlin, Germany