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Ayham Kader, a retired corporate professional, artist and an inner freedom activist.

He has:

11 years of Experience as a Business Consultant and Auditor, big part of it in a multinational business consultancy firm.

9 years and counting as a Mambo/ Latin dancer

6 years and counting as a DJ

3 year as a Music Producer

(Currently based in Berlin, Germany)

* Photo by Eline Duijsens


He grew out of many misconceived beliefs, thoughts and ideas through a series of wake-up calls. Reached a point of realization where it became obvious how abundant life when it is not constrained by a concept, idea, image, role or culture.

Growing up around pressured and frustrated surroundings ended up developing many defensive mechanisms that later on became part of his Identity which was considered to be authentic. So many natural tendencies and talents became dormant except for two: Questioning and the thirst for love and the truth.

Battled himself with, what seemed to be, an endless sea of questions! What was solved for him, quickly resulted in another obstacle. Going back to his old ways as if he have not grown one bit. That was the point when he gave up on analysis as being the sole means of getting a right direction, and through that, this trait took its right place.

Understanding and accepting his fabricated limitations shocked his confidence and image at first. Yet, opened his eyes and heart to life, that he now sees, not attached to a future or a past. It is fulfilling beyond words.

This is the path he took and there is no going back. The first step is the last.

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